See the Whole Picture


Firelytics PRO performs realtime aggregation, alerting and analysis on security and network events throughout your network.  While the architecture behind the system is advanced, using the web-based interface is intuitive and straightforward.  Pre-assigned and just minutes to install, the Firelytics Pro virtual appliance can be remotely configured to ensure a simple integration with any network.


  • With more supported devices, platforms and services, Firelytics PRO gives you correlated intelligence in one central location saving time and increasing your profitability.
  • Customized alerting means you can detect and respond to issues before they cause downtime or business interuptions.
  • Dashboard views and advanced segmentation means you have access to the intelligence you need quickly, while the ability to drill down on specific events ensures there are no compromises for incident reporting.
  • No longer do you need separate network and security alerting systems, with Firelytics Pro all events are captured and displayed in one location, allowing complex threats to be alerted on early in the cycle.
  • Users can install the Firelytics Pro hardware in just minutes, and all configuration can be completed remotely for reduced costs and support calls.
  • Devices are automatically monitored for updates and patches, reducing costs and helping to ensure the integrity of your network.
  • Log files are collected and managed from across your network to provide a centralized location for searching, reporting and archival.
  • Long term log retention for compliance or other reasons is made easy with the Firelytics Pro interface, including storage that is handled transparently and grows with your needs.
  • Supported log integrity checks such as NIST log management standards ensure that your log files are protected from modification or tampering.
  • Architected for real-time and scalable processing of events, Firelytics Pro processes log files using a high-speed data warehouse so you’re never left waiting.