Protection, Simplified.


Real-time Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard provides an easy to read, consolidated view of all security activity. Customizable views allow you to display information according to specific Event Log types and categories, or display only what is applicable and relevant to you. View only what you want; leave out what you don’t need.


Multiple-device Real-time Event Manager

View and classify security event data originating from a multitude of network nodes. You can also view separate specific threat categories for each node, all in real-time.


Filter your results.

With “at-a-glance” reporting that shows multiple summaries on a single page, you can easily drill down for more detail to analyze data across any time frame.


Customizable Gadgets

You can modify the dashboard to show your most commonly used UTM features and reports like Web Filter, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, IDS/IPS.  This provides an at-a-glance view of your network’s security posture.


In-dashboard fast drill down tables

Firelytics offers you information that will assist you in making your network decisions more quickly using drill-down tables. Trends, facts and figures can be translated into meaningful information without forcing you to first wade through seemingly endless data.

Start with a general overview, then drill down to view more details and specifics.


Virus Reporting

Generate reports on thousands of different virus, worm, trojans, spyware, and other malware. Even better, identify their presence by exact location in the network – find out exactly which nodes are infected.


Spam Reporting

Generate correlated reports on email spam for all mail protocols. Firelytics also features intelligent spam tracking and reporting – the software can classify a sender or group of senders as spammers using analysis of their past email-sending habits.


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Reporting

IDS reporting allows generation of reports on hundreds of attack and anomaly signatures to help security administrators get a comprehensive view of intrusions and rule violations. Firelytics exploits the deep-packet inspection (DPI) capability of unified threat management devices to detect malware masquerading as genuine network traffic.


Application Reporting

Firelytics produces reports on hundreds of potentially unwanted or restricted activities. These can include sites and activities such as Peer-to-Peer (bit-torrent, gnutella), Instant Messaging (AIM, Yahoo, MSN), VoIP (Skype), torrent downloaders (azureus, utorrent, vuze), or any other network activity set by the administrator.


Spyware Reporting

Reveals traffic generated by spyware, trojans, and other grayware such as adware. Allows you to quickly view and isolate all infected nodes which may potentially compromise your network’s confidential data.


VPN Reporting

VPN connections are potentially dangerous entry points in any network, because they may allow direct access to computers holding sensitive and valuable corporate or personal information. With Firelytics you can view both historical and current traffic for all VPN connections including those using IPSec and SSL.


Web Content Categorization

This allows you to monitor and record exactly which sites your users are visiting.


  • View all users browsing patterns according to their IP address or LDAP authenticated username.
  • Track browsing patterns by time and content visited.
  • View full drill down of domain and server content pages visited.
  • Combined the above with active filter rules management and upgrading to keep your corporate UTM device up to date.
  • View specific categories (like porn, shopping, mail, games) the specific user accessing each category and at what time(s).
  • View which users have visited or attempted to visit explicitly blocked sites, and at what times they did so.
  • Customize the views and rules to meet your organizational needs.