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Bill is an IT consultant.

Problem:  As Bill’s clients grow, so do the security challenges they face.  They need to feel reassured that their network is being monitored carefully and that any incidents will be handled promptly.  There are also new regulations such as PCI compliance that they turn to Bill for assistance with, and since Bill’s client base is growing as well, he is starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle all the demands.

Solution: Using the remote aggregators to feed the data from each client site, Bill is able to login to his Firelytics account and see each of his clients at a glance.  He easily creates alerts for network conditions on a per-client basis and Bill can set time-of-day conditions for alert recipients so his offshore assistants can handle incidents during off-hours.  Bill can reassure his clients that they are protected around the clock.  Reports and audit trails are accessible in pre-defined formats for one-click compliance reports, and can be scheduled for automatic creation.  From overworked to in-control, thanks to Firelytics Bill is now able to take on additional clients.


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Helen is a school network administrator.


Problem: Even the most dedicated school network administrator can’t watch all the kids all the time.  With a variety of peer-to-peer and chat programs using sophisticated techniques to mask their presence as normal web traffic, managing an overburdened network is a tough job on limited resources.  Report cards and school administrative tasks are performed on the same network, and the increasingly sluggish network is taking it’s toll on the staff.


Solution: By pulling together the firewall, network hardware and asset management databases, you can see in real-time which computers on your network are consuming an excessive amount of resources and go over to investigate.  Security threats from both outside and inside are automatically captured and alerts are sent based on custom thresholds for your network.  Staff stop Helen in the hallway and tell her how much faster the network feels lately.


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Mark is an IT Manager.


Problem: Mark has a small staff and limited resources, but still needs to manage his network’s security effectively.  Any breach of company information from a perimeter vulnerability or inside leak could cost the company dearly.  Application outages, Tier 1 support and patching are keeping Mark’s staff at 110% already, and there is no time to dedicate to being proactive with security.


Solution: By consolidating application and network logs into the Firelytics interface, Tier 1 support staff are finding all the information they need to resolve issues in one location, cutting support times in half.  Application outages have been less frequent due to change management alerting, which tells Mark’s staff exactly when and what changed.  With staff resources down to manageable levels, Mark has instituted regular log analysis tasks using the Firelytics interface and his team has already identified 2 potential issues to proactively resolve.


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Whether you’re a Bill, Helen or Mark, find out how Firelytics Analyzer can solve your problem today.