Firelytics MailGuard



Break the flow of resource wasting spam mail, without breaking your budget. Firelytics MailGuard Managed Email Security Services provides maximum email security, while minimizing the costs and headaches commonly associated with other email security systems.


Get the Firelytics MailGuard protection instantly, because of it’s no hardware, no software, no nonsense simplicity, you can start blocking dangerous and wasteful mail long before it reaches your internal servers.
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Firelytics Analyzer



Firelytics is a hosted Firewall Monitoring and Analysis service that gives you real time security intelligence and enables you to get insights which you can act on today.


Firelytics leverages all the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) without requiring you to set up any hardware or software on your systems. You get the productive portion of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall Analysis solution that pumps you with real-time actionable security intelligence and notifications.
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Firelytics PRO




Be secure like the Pros! The Firelytics PRO virtual appliance puts all the benefits of enterprise-class security into the hands of any IT Manager. Real-time aggregation, alerting and analysis on security events throughout your network are at your fingertips.


While the architecture behind the system is advanced, using the web-based interface is intuitive and straightforward. Pre-configured and just minutes to install, Firelytics PRO ensures a simple integration with any network.
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